All-in insurance

All-in insurance screenshot All-in insurance example

What is the All-in insurance?

The all-in insurance protects you against bad beats when you get it all-in. It is a unique feature provided by all poker rooms on the GGNetwork. The all-in insurance is not available on other poker networks.

When the hand goes all in, you can choose to pay a small amount to protect your stack against loosing. The amount to pay depends on the size of the pot and the odds you can run into a bad beat. If you loose the hand and you are all-in insured, you will receive the amount you have put into the pot.

When can you take an All-in insurance?

When the hand goes all-in and you have at least a 65% chance of winning the hand. You will have the option to accept or decline the all-in insurance.

You might want to use this feature when you take shots at higher stakes or when you just want to decrease variance.