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First Deposit Bonus

PokerOk offers one first deposit bonus.

$1000 fixed10%180 days$5-

You don’t have to enter any code, you can activate the bonus in the poker client. There is no deposit requirement.

PokerOk bonus details

10% rakeback – The BestPoker bonus is equivalent to 10% rakeback: You receive $5 for every $50 rake

$5 chunks – The bonus is released in $5 chunks. As soon as you generate $50 rake, you will receive $5 bonus money on your account. To receive the full bonus amount, you need to generate the required rake within 180 days after you opt-in for the bonus.

Fish Buffet – Rakeback loyalty program

PokerOk runs the fish buffet loyalty program that is shared amongst multiple GGNetwork poker skins. Levels and rewards are the same on all poker rooms that run this promotion.

You need to manually opt in for the program in the fish buffet panel of the bonus section in the PokerOk client.

You receive 1 Fish Buffet Point (FP) for every $0.01 rake you generate. The more points you collect in a certain time frame, the higher the level you reach. The reward for reaching a level is a spin at a wheel with 4 to 6 different cash prizes. The prizes on the wheel depend on the level you reached.

The loyalty program has 25 levels. As soon as you opt-in you will start at level 5 - goldfish gold. You can reach the next level by collecting the required FPs within the time frame of that level.

When you reach a level:
  • you receive a spin at the wheel with the cash rewards depending on that level
  • the time frame for the next level starts
  • your collected FP balance is set to 0
When you don't collect the required FPs for the next level and the time frame is over:
  • you receive 10% cashback for your FPs
  • you move down 1 level and the time frame for that previous level starts.
  • your collected FP balance is set to 0
 LevelRequirementTime FrameRewardsExpected RB
1Plankton500 FPs
($5 rake)
24h$0.5 - $1.5
(10% - 30%)
2Shrimp1000 FPs
($10 rake)
24h$1 - $3
(10% - 30%)
3Goldfish Bronze1500 FPs
($15 rake)
24h$1.5 - $6
(10% - 40%)
4Goldfish Silver25%
5Goldfish Gold28%
6Crab Bronze5000 FPs
($50 rake)
72h$5 - $25
(10% - 50%)
7Crab Silver30%
8Crab Gold32%
9Octopus Bronze15000 FPs
($150 rake)
7 days$15 - $90
(10% - 60%)
10Octopus Silver33%
11Octopus Gold34%
12Octopus Platinum35%
13Octopus Diamond36%
14Whale Bronze40000 FPs
($400 rake)
15 days$40 - 320
(10% - 80%)
15Whale Silver41%
16Whale Gold42%
17Whale Platinum43%
18Whale Diamond44%
19Shark Bronze100000 FPs
($1000 rake)
30 days$100 - $1000
(10% - 100%)
20Shark Silver46%
21Shark Gold47%
22Shark Platinum48%
23Shark Diamond49%
24Shark Black50%
25VIP Black300000 FPs
($3000 rake)
90 days$300 - $3000
(10% - 100%)