Run It Three Times

Run it Three Times example

What is Run it Three Times?

With Run it Three Times (RITT), three sets of final cards will be dealt on the board instead of only one. This creates three different outcomes of the hand. You will receive 1/3th of the pot for each outcome you win.

Run it Three Times is a unique feature provided by all poker rooms on the GGNetwork. It is not available on other poker networks.


When can you Run it Three Times?

When only 2 players are left in the pot and the hand goes all-in before the river. You will have the option to accept or decline to run it three times. You and your opponent both have to accept to run in three times.

You might want to use this feature to reduce variance.


Consequences of Run it Three Times

After running it three times, the pot is often split amongst both players. This keeps the chips on the table lower compared to a non-split pot. When the pot goes to only one player, the winning player has a higher stack and the losing player has to rebuy.

Your opponent is encouraged to call with draws. If they assume they will have the option to run it three times, it lowers the risk of loosing their complete stack. A scared opponent that does not want to loose their complete stack might fold, which wins you the pot.